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This does not mean that you can relax or take anything for granted. Just the opposite, in fact.

The closer we get to victory, the harder the other side will fight to keep abortion legal and the more hostile they will become.

Still, we now know the key weaknesses of the abortion movement … as well as the pro-life dynamics that the other side can do nothing to stop. So be of good cheer and stout heart! We have the devil of abortion on the ropes.

And here are ten signs that point to our eventual victory:

Sign 1: The survivors
Sign 2: The flow of conversions
Sign 3: I regret my abortion
Sign 4: Few doctors … fewer mills
Sign 5: Legal evidence mounts
Sign 6: Abortion research
Sign 7: No more arguments
Sign 8: Even in politics…
Sign 9: Legislation galore
Sign 10: Corruption uncovered

A key reason we are winning is that abortion destroys itself.

The evil inner workings of abortion are being exposed for all to see … and as more and more crimes become visible, the abortion movement loses supporters.

These crimes include medical malpractice, sexual abuse, injury and death that routinely occur in so-called “safe and legal” abortion clinics, doctors not sterilizing instruments, “anesthesiologists” who have no training in anesthesia, “abortions” committed on women who were not pregnant, falsifying medical records, and much more.

What’s more, the abortion industry creates a safe haven for sexual predators.

Details are available at

Beyond the abuse of the patients, abortion shops are rampant with violations of OSHA standards and other employment laws. A long list of details can be seen at

What all this means is that the abortion industry is highly vulnerable to negative public opinion and to legal action having nothing to do directly with the legality of abortions.

Abortion shops can be closed – and are closing – and abortionists being jailed for reasons having nothing to do with what people think about abortion … but rather for reasons related to malpractice, abuse, and other illegal activity.

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