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A Florida agency wants 60 days to conduct an investigation into new allegations that Terri Schiavo was abused or mistreated. The Florida Department of Children & Families does not name a person responsible for the abuses, though Terri’s estranged husband Michael has been accused of abusing her before her collapse 15 years ago.

The agency filed an 11 page document with Circuit Court Judge George Greer detailing why it wants to intervene in the case and shared the confidential document with attorneys for both Michael and Terri’s parents, Bob and Mary Schindler.

Judge Greer ruled Friday on whether to extend the stay preventing Michael from starving Terri to death until March 18, while Terri’s parents pursue appeals in legal motions intended to stop the starvation. Greer also ruled that not only will Terri’s feeding tube be removed, but that she will not receive any food or water, even though some doctors have stated that Terri swallows and should be trained to eat.

Matt Davis, an attorney with the Gibbs law firm, handling legal matters for the Schindlers, told the Associated Press that the document brings up many of the concerns previously brought forward by the Schindlers. “We are confident when someone from the outside does see how Terri has been treated, they will see she has been mistreated all these years,” Davis said. [25Feb05,]