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The Gift of Breath & Speech

When Andrea Hasse of Michigan was pregnant with her son, Grant, he was diagnosed with a condition that has about 1% chance of survival.

His airways were largely blocked and he would suffer from lack of oxygen after birth.

Doctors operated at 27 weeks of pregnancy and inserted a tube through his neck to open the airway. They then delivered the baby. Grant is quite healthy.

At one year of age, a doctor operated to improve the airway only to discover that Grant had no vocal chords so would never speak.

The parents were happy just to have Grant as healthy as he was.

The surgeon was not satisfied and made two tubes from the adjacent muscles and separated them with a graft from a rib.

The parents received a great thrill when Grant uttered his first word.

His vocabulary is expanding.

He is expected to speak clearly, but his voice may sound a bit different.

His voice will be unique…