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The Seven LEAST Logical Statements of Abortion Advocates

Here is one: “Giving life to a child is not best for women.”

In response to a map of Texas that shows 108 pregnancy resource centers and 6 abortion clinics, a pro-choicer wrote:

“How I wish the people who run these centers, as well as those that fund them, would take the time to seriously consider what they are doing and what it really means. STOP LOOKING FOR WAYS TO TRICK WOMEN INTO MAKING DECISIONS THAT ARE NOT THE BEST FOR THEM.”

It’s simply illogical to point-blank assume that women who choose to raise their children or who choose the gift of adoption are making a decision that’s not best for them.

It’s also illogical to assume that, because women didn’t choose abortion, they were somehow tricked.

Plenty of women actually do want to give life to their children, but they need someone to assure them that they are indeed strong enough and that there is help out there for them.

These are two main things that pregnancy centers give women – help and confidence.

And that’s not a trick…

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