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Forced Abortion in America



Abortion is a violent act.

It breeds violence in society.

Here are just a few examples: 


Babysitter Sentenced in Abortion Trauma Death
An Iowa babysitter who claimed that post-abortion trauma led her to kill a
toddler by slamming him on the floor has been sentenced to 50 years in
Tifany Meyers, 19, pled guilty in October to second-degree murder in the
death of 21-month-old Joel Vasquez. She later asked for a new trial on
the grounds that her depression over an abortion she had only days before
Vasquez's death prevented her from understanding her constitutional
rights. The judge denied the request for a new trial.
* * *

Doctor Pleads Guilty in Abortion Injection Case

A New York doctor has pled guilty to attacking his pregnant girlfriend
outside a Bronx hospital and injecting her with methotrexate, an
abortion-inducing drug, in an attempt to end her pregnancy.

As part of a plea agreement, Dr. Stephen Pack admitted attacking Joy
Schepis last April and injecting her with the drug, but he will serve no
more than three years in prison for the incident. Schepis gave birth to a
healthy baby boy in late November.

* * *

Woman Will Serve No Jail Time in Forced Abortion Case

A Florida woman who forced her 15-year-old daughter to go to an abortion
clinic at gunpoint will not serve any time in jail or have a criminal
record. Glenda Dowis, 42, was sentenced to two years' community service
and three years' probation as part of a plea agreement.

Dowis was arrested after telling an employee at a Fort Pierce abortion
clinic she was going to "blow her [daughter's] brains out" if she did not
abort, and her daughter wrote on a form that her mother was forcing her to
have an abortion. Abortion facility workers called police, who later
found a gun in Dowis' car. Prosecutors say they accepted Dowis' plea
agreement because her daughter, who did not have an abortion but no longer
lives with her mother, refused to testify against her.

* * *

Ex-Football Player Convicted in Abortion-Murder Case

A former NFL football player must serve at least 18 years in prison for
hiring someone to murder his pregnant girlfriend in November 1999 after
she refused to have an abortion.

Rae Carruth, a former wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, was
convicted of conspiracy to commit murder for helping kill his girlfriend,
Cherica Adams, by blocking her car so another man could pull up and shoot
her. Prosecutors say he planned the shooting to avoid paying child
support for his unborn son, who survived. Adams died of massive injuries
about a month after the shooting.

* * *

Abortionist Accused of Doing Nonconsensual Abortion

The Kansas state medical board has filed a petition against an abortionist
for performing an abortion without the patient's consent. Kristin Neuhaus
of Lawrence is under investigation for sedating a woman and performing an
abortion on her after the woman had withdrawn her consent on June 7.

Neuhaus had earlier been temporarily banned from giving anesthesia pending
an investigation into whether anesthesia and sedatives were properly
administrated and the abortion clinic was adequately equipped to handle
emergencies. The current investigation could result in fines and/or the
suspension or loss of Neuhaus' medical license.

* * *

Abortionist Convicted of Attempted Extortion, Sued for Malpractice

An abortionist was convicted Jan. 30 of attempting to extort millions of
dollars from a Florida county by falsely accusing a county official of
making bomb threats against his abortion clinic.

James Scott Pendergraft, the owner of several abortion facilities, faces
up to 30 years in federal prison. His real estate advisor, Michael
Spielvogel, who admitted in court that he lied about the threats to the
FBI, could serve 40 years. Pendergraft is also facing a lawsuit filed by a
former patient, Ladye Williamson, accusing Pendergraft of botching an
abortion on her and perforated her uterus, resulting in an emergency
hysterectomy. The abortion took place at the Orlando Women's Center,
another clinic owned by Pnedergraft. Williamson's lawyer said that timing
of the malpractice suit has nothing to do with Pendergraft's extortion

Originally printed in The Post-Abortion Review, Issue 9(1), Jan-March
2001. Copyright 2000, Elliot Institute.
Permission granted to freely reprint and distribute in its entirety.

Minnesota. Dino S, 20, accused of severly punching and kicking his 18-yeqr-old pregnant girlfriend which caused her 12-week-old unborn child to be miscarried. He faces up to 45 years in prison due to the murder charge and the charge of third-degree assault.
In 1986, Minnesota passed one of the nation's first fetal homicide laws. [Pro-Life Action News, 2/07] 


Even Abortion Advocates Understand the Violence… 

“We have reached a point in this particular technology where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction by the operator. It is before one’s eyes. The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current.”  — Dr. Warren Hern, abortionist, at a meeting of the Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians, San Diego, 26Oct1978.


“Paradoxically, I have angry feelings at myself for feeling good about…doing a technically good procedure which destroys a fetus, kills a baby.” – New Mexico abortionist, American Medical News, 12July93.


“Many times”, a clinic nurse said, “women who had just had abortions would lie in the recovery room and cry, ‘I’ve just killed my baby’…I don’t know what to say to these women,” the nurse told the group. “Part of me thinks, ‘Maybe they’re right.’”  — abortion center nurse, American Medical News, 12July93.

“Even if you’re pro-choice, no one likes to see a dead fetus.”  — Vilma Valdez, Education Director, Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami, The Miami Herald, 24Oct92.


Pro-life advocates call abortion killing.

So do abortion advocates.

Agreement on basic fact is the first step in reasoned dialog.

[NCCB ad, Peoria Journal Star, 3/95]