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This Amazing Teenager Has Done Something to be Celebrated (2015)

Instead of focusing on all those who won’t be graduating because their lives were lost to abortion, I want to introduce you to Allison.

Allison is a senior at Clyde High School in Abilene Texas and she just did something few people with Down syndrome do — she graduated from high school.

Tragically, most babies (about 90%) who are diagnosed before birth with Down syndrome are aborted. They never make it to school — let alone graduate.

But Allison began reading in Kindergarten and she participated in the Miss Sweetheart Special Needs pageant in 2012. She has learned how to play the piano, loves art and creating, crafting, and she participated in Special Olympics in Colorado. She is a friend to all who meet her.

Allison began school at age of three and, graduating at 18, loves school and learning and she says reading is her favorite subject. She can work a computer, iPad, and iPhone as well as any so-called “normal” kid her age.

Allison plans to attend Disability Resources Inc., in Texas next year. They have work programs where each student has a job and learns the skills needed to perform their jobs.

Allison’s official graduation ceremony will be in June, and her parents and family are very proud of her.

Her celebration of life is a testimony to all.

[Julie Ertelt May 29, 2015, Washington, DC, http://www.lifenews.com/2015/05/29/this-amazing-teenager-just-did-something-few-people-with-down-syndrome-ever-do/ ]