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“I was young.

I had been carrying you for nearly 2 months when I found out about you, Babe. I was so confused.

It was getting “late” and things were being rushed. I had now to make a decision – a decision which I would later regret and have to live with for the rest of my life.

I was not told the after-effects I would suffer and endure forever for everything was hushed.

It was too easy, one minute I was carrying you and felt your presence inside me. The next, you were gone, forever.

It all happened too fast. Now there is not one day that goes by when I don’t weep for you, my Babe, because you would have been born by now.

I’ll never know if you would have lived to be my “little girl” or my “little boy”, or what you would have looked like.

It’s so hard for me to forget you, my Babe.
Oh, how I wish I could know!

Why, why, why wasn’t I told it would be like this!


I’m so sorry I have hurt you and that I acted as I did.
Now it hurts so bad.

I’m asking you, Babe, to please forgive me and I promise you I’ll never ever take another precious Babe like you again.”


The above poem was sent to WEBA-Illinois in July, 1986, for public use. This young woman had an abortion when she was 20 years of age. The years have passed and she is suffering so much.

In her letter she asked us to please print her message so that other women will not have abortions. Her poem has been instrumental in helping women to make a better choice – the choice for LIFE…