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Tonya, 24, died in Illinois at a Planned Parenthood abortion business (July 2012), and another ambulance arrived later the same day to take a second woman suffering from a botched abortion to the hospital… we do not know her condition.

In January of this year in Birmingham, AL, THREE women ended up at a local hospital on one day, one in ICU for excessive bleeding.

While not 'officially counted', it seems we are getting reports of women being injured and/or killed by abortion weekly…

It is probably NOT that more injuries are happening lately… it is probably that more pro-life volunteers are OBSERVING & REPORTING these fairly common events. 

Years ago, it was estimated by the abortion industry that LIFE-THREATENING COMPLICATIONS occur in 1 of every 500 abortions…

Is this what we call "safe and legal" abortion?

Women are being HURT by abortion — WOMEN DESERVE BETTER THAN ABORTION!!