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“According to the French National Institute of Demographic Studies, the majority of the world’s people now live in countries where the population will never be replaced. In the past 50 years, average fertility has fallen from 5.4 to 2.1 children. During the last 10 years, fertility in developing countries as Brazil, Tunisia, Iran, China (which is 21% of the world’s population) and India (which is 17% of the world’s population) have collapsed. Europe’s birthrates have decreased significantly during this time period, whith the Czech Republic today having the lowest birthrate of 1.17 children per woman. Russia’s population drops by 750,000 people per year.

“Also creating future population problems, increased infanticide has

caused a great imbalance between females and males in Asia, says Indian economist Amartya Sen.  Due to female infanticide on the continent, there is now a shortage of over 100 million women, which is already creating the increase of violence and aggression in China and India.

“By 2050, the world’s population will hit its high at about 10 billion people and then the numbers will begin to drop. At that time, it is thought that among the few countries that will have families with more than four children, will be Afghanistan, Pakistan and some countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

“The reason for the lack of children? According to journalist Olivier Jay, it is contraception, massive sterilization campaigns, and economic prosperity.”

[“Global Depopulation: A Dangerous REality”, Genethique Press Release, 18-22 Oct 04,; Population Research Institute Review, Sept-Oct 2004]