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ALABAMA UNBORN VICTIMS BILL TAKES EFFECT 1JULY06 TO PROTECT PREGNANT WOMEN and their unborn children from acts of violence.

The measure holds criminals who kill or injure a mother’s baby accountable for two crimes when he attacks a pregnant woman.

The law applies throughout pregnancy and makes the state one of 24 to protect women during all 9 months of pregnancy and one of 34 that offers legal protection through all or part of pregnancy.

“I think it’s a major step forward in Alabama for protecting the lives of children in Alabama at every stage of development,” said state Sen. Bradley Byrne, a Republican and one of the lawmakers who sponsored the new law.

The bill is referred to as the “Brody Bill” in memory of Brody Parker, the unborn son of 23-year-old Brandi Parker of Albertville, who was 8 months pregnant with Brody when she was fatally shot in July, 2005.

Roger Parker of Guntersville pressed for the law for daughter and unborn grandson. The Parkers attended the bill-signing ceremony with several lawmakers.

[29June06, Montgomery,]


Unborn Victims Law Goes Into Effect in Alabama

Prosecutors can charge perpetrators with 2 crimes if they kill or injure an unborn child during an attack on the mother.

The bill was signed into law into law in April and took effect in July; 34 states now have such laws on the books during all or part of pregnancy, with 24 states, including AL, protecting women & unborn children from violence during all nine months of pregnancy.

Advocates hope the law will provide greater protection for unborn children and their mothers and deter those who might use violence to force a woman into an unwanted abortion.

Studies have shown that homicide is the leading cause of death among pregnant women, and in many cases women have been assaulted or killed for refusing to have abortions.

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