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The Uruguayan Senate is preparing to vote again on decriminalization of abortion in the country.

The legislation would allow abortion for virtually any reason during the first three months of pregnancy. Although the new vote was originally scheduled for today, it has now been delayed to make time for more hearings, which its proponents hope will break the current deadlock over the issue. The most recent vote, on October 17, resulted in a 15-15 tie, which was much closer than votes in earlier years.

According to the Uruguayan newspaper El Espectador, the bill’s proponents plan to hold a new vote, section by section, on the legislation, which will then be sent to the Chamber of Deputies (the lower legislative house).

If the legislation decriminalizing abortion is not approved in the Senate vote, it can then be re-attached by the Chamber during its vote, which will then be returned to the Senate.

The sections of the legislation that have already been approved include mandatory “sex education” down to the elementary school level, which will indoctrinate students with the idea that homosexual sexual behavior and abortion are “rights”.

Those sections were approved unanimously.

The abortion provisions are generally supported by the ruling “Broad Front” alliance of socialist parties, although two members switched their positions on October 17th, preventing passage.

Uruguay’s president, also a Broad Front socialist, is an obstetrician and is opposed to the measures as well.

He has repeatedly promised to veto them if they are approved by the Congress, although a referendum could still be held to override the veto.

Uruguay is one of the most liberal nations in Latin America, and a recent opinion poll indicated support for legalizing abortion.

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