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USA Ranks Worst (2015)

A recent study found that the United States ranks worst in the developed world for maternal deaths.

Women in the United States are more likely to suffer from maternal death than any other country in the developed world.

That is the main finding from the annual State of the World’s Mothers 2015 report by charity Save the Children.

The study also found that American women are ten times as likely to die during pregnancy when compared to those in Austria, Belarus and Poland.

The research acts as a global index that ranks the best and worst places to be a mother based on data indicators like political status, economy, education, well-being and maternal health.

The United States was ranked 33 overall out of 179 surveyed countries, down from two places last year.

It was ranked 42nd on children’s wellbeing, 61st on maternal health and 89th for political status.

(13 May 2015,

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