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OPERATION KEEPSAKE LAUNCHES VIRGIN BY CHOICE MEDIA CAMPAIGN Operation Keepsake, which provides abstinence until marriage education in over 120 schools in the Greater Cleveland area, has taken the abstinence message to the airwaves with a new media campaign called Virgin by Choice. Area students proclaim abstinence as their best choice for achieving future goals.

“We have been extremely encouraged by the response of teens who contact us to say they have heard the commercials, like them and then identify themselves as a ‘virgin by choice’ too! We want teens to see the empowerment that comes from choosing abstinence and we also want to reclaim the nobility of the word virgin.” said Mosack [Dir of Operation Keepsake].  The campaign includes VBC school posters, and a feature article in their magazine which is distributed three times a year to approximately 15,000 students. Each student also receives an individual CD case with the Virgin by Choice logo. According to Mosack, “We’ve only just begun, we intend to promote, promote, promote until teens are branded with a message that can save their lives and help them attain their future goals.” [30Mar04; Abstinence Clearinghouse, 31March04]