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Planned Parenthood has opened a new multimillion dollar abortion business, but at least 4 members of the local board of directors have resigned because of concerns about mismanagement/poor leadership.

They issued a 7-page no confidence statement which questions the leadership of president and CEO David Nova.

Shortly after the abortion business opened the doors, pro-life advocates began protesting and filed a lawsuit saying the new facility violates local zoning laws [The Hook magazine].

The 10Oct memo describes the situation at the abortion business as “deteriorating” and its funding base in the community “eroding.”

The statement calls Planned Parenthood’s programs “dysfunctional” and the abortion facility a “failing business.” It notes that several major fundraising pledges have been withdrawn and other major donors are right behind them.

The magazine also reports that a local attorney who is the Treasurer for the abortion business came to Nova’s defense. Al Knighton: “I think those four board members were acting in good faith. I think they were misguided.”

He contends an audit showed donations accounting for just 1.7% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue and says income from services is up 15 percent.

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