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This weekend [28-29 Apr 2012] the media is rife with the 'War on Women' — politically partisan programming, abetted by the secular media, to show how American women are 'under attack' because some 'nuts' are trying to take abortion away from them…


Haven't they seen the vile and disgusting photos of Gosnell's abortion filth in Philadelphia?

Or the equally disgusting Brigham Pennsylvania dumps that are so repulsive they are finally being closed down?

Have they not heard about the THREE women who ended up in the hospital in Alabama on 21 January 2012 — one in ICU for excessive bleeding — and the 76-page deficiency report that resulted from the state health department?

Or that about two-thirds of women feel pressured — coerced — into having abortions? [Excuse me, but I thought that abortion was a sign of women's freedom… did I miss something?]

So, as a woman, I wonder why these women are promoting this curious 'War on Women'…

Please help me here… can you please answer my questions?

Why, exactly, is abortion the absolute, central core of the women's rights movement?

How, exactly, does abortion provide the only major and meaningful means to attain women's rights?

What, exactly, does abortion do that is so absolutely necessary to attain women's rights?

What, exactly, are these women's rights?

Why, exactly, is it absolutely necessary to destroy one unseen, unborn life in order to provide unseen rights for a life already born?

Why, exactly, could that unseen, unborn life not be allowed to come to birth and be provided with an adoption plan, to bring great joy to one of about 2 million couples ready & waiting to adopt?

Why, exactly, is abortion absolutely necessary to make women just like men?

Why, exactly, do women want to be 'men with breasts & uteruses' that are never allowed to function?

Why, exactly, are some women working so hard to eliminate the female sex — aren't they their own worst enemy in this 'War on Women'?