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A hallmark of legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide is the ever increasing number of reported cases annually.

While it was disturbing that Washington State—after only four years of legalized doctor-prescribed suicide practice—surpassed Oregon’s mounting assisted-suicide body count in 2012, the latest Washington report on 2013 assisted-suicide cases shows a 37% increase in reported assisted deaths over the previous year.

It is the largest percentage increase of any jurisdiction worldwide that has legalized euthanasia and/or assisted suicide and makes statistical reports on those deaths available to the public—including the Netherlands and Belgium.

According to the latest figures issued by the Washington State Department of Health (WSDH), there were 159 doctor-assisted suicide cases in 2013 as opposed to 116 such cases in 2012. The vast majority (96%) of the 159 who died lived in the western part of the state (west of the Cascade Mountains).

The ages of all the assisted-suicide patients ranged from 29 to 95 years. Cancer was the most frequently cited illness (77%). Ninety-seven percent (97%) of those who died were white, non-Hispanic; 52% were married; and 76% had at least some college education. For most (86%), their only insurance was Medicare or Medicaid.

As in Oregon, only a small fraction of Washington patients who requested assisted suicide were referred for a psychiatric or psychological evaluation—just 6 (4%) in 2013 and 3 (3%) in 2012. Also, concern or fear over pain was not the reason most patients wanted to die. Fears over loss of autonomy, inability to enjoy activities, loss of dignity, and being a burden topped the list.

In the 2013 report, the WSDH indicated that 173 prescriptions for lethal drugs were issued by 89 different doctors. The state received confirmation that, of the 159 known to have died, 119 took the lethal drugs and 29 did not, but died of other causes. In the remaining 14 cases, the state has no clue whether or not the patient actually ingested the drugs. The “dead or alive” status for an additional 14 patients is also unknown. In only two of the reported 159 deaths was the doctor who prescribed the lethal drugs actually present when the patient took those drugs. [Washington State Department of Health, 2013 Death with Dignity Act Report, 6/4/14]
[Summer 2014, Vol.28, No.4, Patients Rights Council Update, ]


Assisted Suicides in Washington State Jump 43% in One Year

Assisted suicide is on the rise in Washington. From the Seattle Times story:

More than 100 people died in Washington last year after requesting and taking a lethal prescription through Washington’s Death with Dignity law, the state’s Department of Health reported Wednesday.

Officials said that 173 people requested and received lethal doses of medication in 2013, a 43 percent increase from the year before.

And in every one of these deaths, the doctors were legally required to lie on the death certificates that the deaths were from natural causes. That’s downright corrupting of the medical system.

Assisted suicide is sold with vivid tales of unbearable pain that can’t be controlled. But, as in Oregon, that is proved a typical assisted suicide lie:

Most of the people who asked their doctors for a lethal prescription told them they were concerned about losing autonomy, dignity or the ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable.

They key here is for doctors to declare their offices “assisted suicide free zones.” I think plaques to that effect should be made to be hung on office walls.

I would also like to see physicians attend demonstrations and publicly take the Hippocratic Oath. Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it right.

[Wesley J. Smith, Jun 06, 2014 ] ]



14% of All Dutch Deaths Involve Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide

I grow weary of the continual attempts to spin and cover up the depth of the death culture of the Netherlands. For example, recently, articles have celebrated the official 2.8% euthanasia rate. But that doesn’t include assisted suicide (0.2) and the fact that 23% of euthanasia deaths are unreported.
So, that brings the official count to about 3.5%.
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Assisted Suicides in Switzerland Up 60% in Last Five Years
Once a society accepts the fundamental premises of assisted suicide – e.g., radical individualism and killing as an acceptable answer to suffering – there really are no brakes. Switzerland more than aptly demonstrates the thesis.