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Everyone has the Freedom to Choose their Actions, but they CANNOT choose the Consequences. 

Why is abstinence THE most important issue? 

The Consequences of promiscuity are the #1 Cause of:

– abortion (~53 million since 1973)
– single parenthood  
– over 1/3 of children are born out of wedlock
– divorce (50% of marriages end in divorce)
– improper bonding
– broken future relationships
– welfare (we've spent $12 TRILLION on welfare since the war on poverty began and we now have more poor than when we started)

– sexually transmitted disease (65 million young people have incurable STDs)   

We can add child molestation, sex trafficking, sexual addiction, and same-sex marriage, which are all related to an education system that does not transmit the time-tested values upon which our nation was founded. 

These are Consequences of a culture that has abandoned the principles of true Liberty…

[21 Dec 11, National Abstinence Clearinghouse e-letter,]