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Pro-life groups in Colorado are continuing to monitor the Weitz Company, an Iowa-based construction firm that is leading the building of a massive new Planned Parenthood abortion center in Denver.

Despite continued protests, Weitz officials have yet to back down from participating in the project.

A new pro-life group called the Collaborators Project is watching Weitz and other companies working on the new abortion business.

The group has given Weitz a firm deadline of January 31, 2008, to stop constructing the abortion facility or it will step up the protests and other boycott efforts.

“If Weitz does not cease from constructing this abortion facility by January 31st, we will designate their firm with Permanent Collaborator Status,” Collaborators Project founder Will Duffy told

Colorado pro-life advocates met with Weitz officials back in October and they hoped to persuade the firm to boycott the project and refuse to build the abortion center, but found considerable resistance.

[22Jan08, Denver, CO]