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Over 90% of 1000 teens polled believe that abstinence should be taught and urged by society.

Also, 58% of teens felt that sexual activity is inappropriate for high school students. [The Indianapolis Star 5 May 2000 reported findings from National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy; from 6/2000 CPR News]

Parents, read Amelia’s story.

She explains why she is holding fast to her pledge of abstinence, as her friends give up theirs…

Her words provide a good insight into our present age.

“Last year I signed a card that showed the world that I would remain a virgin until marriage. I’m only 14, and even being so young, the temptations are great. Along with me my friends also signed a card. I know that, to many of them, this was a big deal and to some it was just something they could do to be more popular. The ones that did it to be popular broke their promises, and when you ask them why, they say it was just too hard. Many of them go out and party and get drunk, and it’s all downhill from there.

“After seeing what they are doing to themselves, I strive to keep my promise to myself and not only for myself but for them also because I want to show them that it is possible.

“I urge anyone who reads this that maybe has already broken their promise to get another card and check the box that says ‘from this point on I will stay sexually abstinent.’ I believe that good things come to those who wait, and that the greatest thing you can give to your future partner in marriage is a clean slate. I know it will be the greatest thing on my wedding night because I will be ‘unwrapped and untouched.’”