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45 years ago, a scared pregnant woman walked through Birthright’s door, thinking abortion was the solution – and found help in making a workable plan for herself and her child.

Months later, her son’s tiny footprints were inked into his baby book.
And soon he was off and toddling on those little feet
And they carried him up the steps onto the school bus
And they sped him to first base in time to hear, “Safe!”
And they got him across his college campus in time for class
And they eventually walked side-by-side down the aisle with his bride.

Before long, he was marveling at his newborn’s tiny hands grasping his finger

And playing peek-a-boo
And practicing piano
And experimenting with lipstick and nail polish
And accepting her diploma
And holding her bouquet as he walked her up the aisle to meet her groom.

And one day soon she’ll make him a grandfather – and make a great-grandmother of the worried young woman who found Birthright 45 years ago.

Life is beautiful.

[, Winter 2014]