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— senior political advisor, Karl Rove, said the White House does not support current attempts by liberal members of Congress to funnel the new $15 billion AIDS initiative to groups that rely on abortion and condoms.

Mr. Rove reiterated what the President has previously said himself: in fighting AIDS, our nation must fund groups that promote abstinence and monogamy, the only methods that are 100% successful in preventing the spread of AIDS. However, through a drafting error in Rep. Kolbe’s (R-AZ) appropriations subcommittee, these critical provisions have been overturned, and if allowed to stand would turn the AIDS initiative into a $15 billion condom “airlift” to Africa. We are encouraged that Mr. Rove made it clear that the president does not support this hi-jacking of the AIDS initiative, but this will require Congressional leaders to correct the mistake before it is sent to President Bush. If not, we expect the President to veto the bill.