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Perhaps you have heard the media pushing the line that all sex education – including abstinence education programs – must provide "medically accurate" information in the classroom presentations.

Certainly, this is a noble concept, and very necessary.

However, who provides this "medically accurate" information?

The anti-abstinence "safe sex" promoters say that they, and only they, have "medically accurate" information which must be provided to our children.

Their information promotes the use of condoms (including how to put them on), chemical contraceptives, and abortion, while promoting all types of "outercourse", including mutual masturbation. They also promote the morning after pill (emergency contraception) and fight legal battles against parental notification/consent for abortion among minors.

Abstinence until marriage educators on the other hand, have researched the CDC, NIH, and other federal agencies and well-respected statisticians to collect the most up-to-date, "medically accurate" information available, and it supports the teaching of abstinence until marriage to our children.

Abstinence educators are concerned about the life-long physical and emotional health of young people, which is greatly compromised by non-marital sexual activity.

Of course, anti-abstinence "safe sex" promoters such as Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, and other such groups, including condom and contraceptive manufacturers, recognize that abstinence until marriage would put them out of business.

So, when you hear the anti-abstinence groups claim that abstinence until marriage groups are not using "medically accurate" information, are mis-informing children about the actual medical facts, and are putting teens in danger of acquiring STDs or getting pregnant, remember that these same anti-abstinence groups have had the federal money and power for about 60 years and then consider how STDs and out-of-wedlock pregnancies have sky-rocketed in that time. Studies show that funding for "safe sex" programs and condom distribution is directly proportional to the increase in STD infections and out-of-wedlock pregnancies and births.

Then, keep in mind that Abstinence Until Marriage groups which finally gained some recognition around 1993-1995 and which have grown in number and funding since that time, have seen a 57% decrease in teen births in that time. True, unwed births are increasing, but among women aged 25 and older; among teens, pregnancies, births and abortions have all generally decreased.


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