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Why Should I Control My Hormones?


No Risk -- Great Deal!

  • No risks or side-effects of "the pill", "the shot", the IUD, or other contraceptives.
  • No chance of getting a Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • No chance of getting pregnant

It's Honest:

  • I can be a good role model for my friends and family
  • I won’t resent doing something I really don’t want to do
  • I won't have to worry that someone will find out what I did
  • I’ll respect myself

I'm a Person, not a number!  

  • 1 million teenage girls get pregnant every year (averages to 20,000 per state)
  • 3 million teens get an STD every year (averages to 60,000 per state)
  • One of every 4 new cases of HIV is a teen — AIDS doesn’t care how old I am.
  • Do I want to risk having full-blown AIDS for my 25th birthday?

Some STDs stay forever; some STDs can kill. 

I can deny the risks; but…
I only have one future…



Just chillin'... 

  • Less stress
  • No worry of pregnancy
  • No worry of STD infection (providing I’m also drug-free)
  • Fewer things to disagree about
  • Easier to stay emotionally and physically healthy
  • Peace of mind
  • I’ll know I’m loved for ME, not just for my body
  • Better control over my life
  • It’ll be less painful if we break up later
  • It will be easier to tell my future spouse about my past

So I'll have time

  • …to learn about my feelings, and about me
  • …to spend with all my friends, and make lots of new friends
  • …to learn about relationships and how to show love without the complications of sex
  • …to talk and develop fuller communication with my dates
  • …to postpone parenting until I’m in a caring marriage relationship
  • …to do volunteer work to help others and learn about different careers
  • …to study
  • …to really get to know my family
  • …to learn the difference between sex and true love
  • …to find the right person


It’s the smart choice of the thinking generation


It’s bold


It’s THE "responsible behavior"


It takes self-control


It builds trust

  • In myself
  • In my friendships
  • In my future marriage

Some scars never heal…


Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder


Sex is worth waiting for

I am worth waiting for


It’ll give me control over my life and my body…

Then I'll know I'm Stronger than My Hormones!




Being a Virgin Takes Courage!