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Why would it hurt so much if your best friend betrayed you? (gossiped; dated your best friend; told your deep secrets…)

Because you trusted your friend, and invested so much of your life (time, effort, attention) in that person.

Because you shared so much…

Because your trust in that person is broken now.


You realize that you are not respected by the very person you respected.

You realize that this person is not as honorable, honest, respectful, and trustworthy as you thought

You had invested a great deal in the relationship and you lost it all

and that's why it hurts so bad…



If you haven't had sex outside marriage, don't.

No Commitment  —>  Broken Hearts.

You are WORTH the WAIT !


Avoid the pain…


If you have had sex outside marriage, stop.

Turn around.

Reclaim Your Virginity.

What difference does it make, you ask?

You DESERVE Trust, Respect, & Secure Relationships —

You DESERVE a Better Future!