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Why Prenatal Partners for Life Began

Prenatal Partners for Life — www.prenatalpartnersforlife.org
Peter was only 6 1/2 years old when he died; yet he had accomplished far more than could be imagined. By the outpouring of those in attendance at his funeral, it was evident that he had touched far more lives than the number of his years revealed.

Mary, Peter's mom, was told by a specialist at the 19-week ultrasound, "You need to have amniocentesis. These markers indicate there could be a chromosomal disorder …one that's imcompatible with life. We need to find out for sure, and soon, so you have more choices."

She refused in part because of the possible risk to the child that the amniocentesis would be, and in part because the "more choices" would have meant aborting the child.

Peter was born with Trisomy 18, a debilitating chromosomal defect. Some recommended to his parents to wrap Peter in a blanket and let him die. Yet, because of the courage of his parents and the fighting spirit within this baby, Peter lived.

For the next 6 1/2 years, Peter moved the hearts of many and defied the "incompatible with life" diagnosis he had received.

Peter inspired his mother to found Prenatal Partners for Life — www.prenatalpartnersforlife.org — which provides "support, information, and encouragement for carrying to term with an adverse prenatal diagnosis, and support for raising your child with special needs after birth."

The presence of children with genetic abnormalities such as Peter's has become extremely sparse in our society because of the combination of in utero diagnosis and abortion.

This is a grave detriment to us all.

Peter's life was an ongoing witness to the reality that even though he was not "normal" and a "burden", he indeed enriched lives and brought a quality from all who encountered him that is desperately needed in our selfish-minded society. 

True love emanated from Peter and was called forth from those who cared for him. May he rest in peace…
[October 2011, Pro-Life Action News]