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After Denver Metro Moms blogger Melissa and her husband attended a Parenting Safe Children workshop, they now have a “no secrets” rule in their home.

Through the workshop they learned that secrets are the key ingredient to the sexual abuse of a child.

So instead, Melissa’s family now has “surprises” – something you only keep to yourself temporarily.
She has also created a Body Safety Rules sheet (below) that she uses to have discussions with her children.

Our Body Safety Rules
1. No one is allowed to touch your private parts.
2. You should not touch someone else’s private parts.
3. No one is allowed to take pictures of your private parts.
4. If someone tries to touch your private parts, say “NO!”
5. When playing with friends, play with your clothes on.
6. You are allowed to have privacy when bathing, dressing, using the toilet.
7. You have permission to say “NO” and get away if someone tries to touch your private parts or breaks any of your body safety rules.
8. We don’t keep secrets in our family. If someone tells you to keep a secret, tell an adult.

She uses this to empower her children and keep them safe from any type of sexual abuse.

For tips on how to discuss these types of rules in every day situations, read Melissa’s blog post here —

[Body Safety Rules source: Parenting Safe Children workshop, Off Limits: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse, by Sandy K. Wurtele, Ph.D. and Feather Berkower, MSW; Abstinence Clearinghouse, 10 June 2015, ]