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Feminists for Life pioneered promoting holistic, woman-centered resources on campus, making us uniquely positioned to help reach this high-risk group, equip activists, and transform campuses.

In the first ten years of the College Outreach Program, abortions among college-educated women declined by a stunning 30%.

Our job is far from over.

The reality is that 59% of women who have abortions are college-educated.

There are 700 courageous pro-life student groups who need Feminist For Life resources and support.

You can help send our “Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice QuestionsTM” to pro-life student groups. We can provide them with our “Voices of Our Feminist Foremothers” and “You Have Better Choices” brochures, and our stunning ads that open hearts and minds to nonviolent pro-woman options.

Perhaps you (or a group) can sponsor one of our speakers, or an FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum Moderator to visit a campus near you.

Women like our Vice President Sally Winn, or speakers

like Joyce McCauley-Benner and Chaunie Brusie, have each experienced pregnancy while in college and helped change minds and transform campuses.

These events are incredibly effective to revolutionize a campus towards pro-woman, pro-life solutions and philosophy.

Student activists have the time, the drive, and the courage. They just need our help.

As a stakeholder in our work, you can reach these key agents of change. You can choose to help us reach today’s leaders on campus–and tomorrow’s leaders in every field.

If you are a student leader or advisor on campus, contact [email protected] to get your free kit, and inquire about speakers!

Because women deserve better…
[3 Sept 13, Serrin M. Foster, President, [email protected]]