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Worldwide, Only China and Russia Do More Abortions Every Year Than International Planned Parenthood

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The Charlotte Lozier Institute, the education and research arm of Susan B. Anthony List, published a report that reveals that China is the only country in the world that has a higher abortion rate than the United States.

The Institute also reports that “if Planned Parenthood were included for comparison, it would rank sixth in the world in number of abortions carried out annually; and the International Planned Parenthood Federation would be fourth in the number of abortions carried out per year.”

Unfortunately, this information is not surprising because federal funding of Planned Parenthood has jumped from 33% to nearly 50% under the Obama administration, with over half a billion dollars coming from taxpayer money.

Here’s the breakdown of annual abortions by country and abortion provider:

China 9,173,100
United States 1,213,000
Russian Federation 1,208,700
International PP Federation 977,189
India 641,800
Vietnam 332,200
PP USA 327,653
Japan 242,300
France 198,200
England and Wales 189,800
Turkey 177,100
Azerbaijan 159,700

It is discouraging that our abortion rate is second to China’s— a nation that is known for their brutal one-child policy and human rights abuses.

In China, men put pressure on women to abort their girls for boys; husbands often threaten divorce as punishment for their wives if they refuse to abort; and friends and family belittle their pregnant loved ones for wanting to keep their babies.

The United States is similar to China in that we too perform extremely late abortions. In fact, we are one of only four nations in the world (with China, North Korea and Canada) that performs abortions for any reason up until birth, and one of seven that performs them past the point of fetal viability.

This is why it is critical that we elect a pro-life president in 2016 who supports defunding Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant shows no signs of relenting in their efforts to make abortion popular and on demand in America.

They oppose everything from late term and sex selection abortion bans to legislation that would require waiting periods, ultrasounds and parental consent for minors prior to abortions.

Additionally, four videos released by the Center for Medical Progress show their executives haggling over the price of aborted babies’ body parts, admitting to altering abortion procedures to obtain salable organs for harvesting and casually discussing “less crunchy” methods for killing unborn children.

In 2012, pro-life writer Kristi Burton Brown wrote about the similarities between the way China promotes abortion and Planned Parenthood.

She said, “Similar to Planned Parenthood in the U.S., the Chinese government wants to promote the murder of children by making it sound more interesting, advisable, and good. They try to excuse away their promotion of death with upbeat words. Neither one of these abortion giants have any desire to stop abortion. They simply want to not sound like the bad guy.”

[Sarah Zagorski Aug 5, 2015,Washington, DC, ]


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