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The list of contracts is long & the typing small.

There are 3 mentions of International Planned Parenthood with a large contract on page 32 in the report FOR REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH PROGRAM in the PACIFIC.

These are words for contraception & abortion.

There is also a grant to Marie Stopes International which has 3 abortion facilities in Melbourne (City, Croydon, East St Kilda) & another one will open in Hoppers Lane.

Marie Stopes was where many women contracted hepatitis C from infected medico.

They also have had at least one death from a chemical abortion.

Australia Foreign Aid Supports Planned Parenthood

Did you know that Australia sends over $30,000,000 in Foreign Aid to Planned Parenthood organisations to sell abortion and contraceptive services in countries that would fare far better with clean water, nutritious food and better housing / medical services?

Take a look at the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website – the following link will show you just how much of our money is sent to Planned Parenthood, in particular pages 17, 19 and especially 32 :

Under the shadowy title ‘Reproductive and Sexual Health Services’, Australia funds huge amounts of money for abortion and contraception which are always fatal for the unborn child and, it is well-known that women who are on the contraceptive pill or who have had an abortion suffer higher health risks including Depression, Anxiety, infection, haemorrhage, infertility, Cervical cancer and Breast cancer.

We encourage you to voice your disgust to your local and Federal politicians.It is simple and easy to do, don’t let your silence become your consent!

Your correspondence does not have to be long, write a simple letter, make a phone call, visit or email your Politicians – it won’t take up much of your time and your voice will be very effective!

Here are some tips to help you:

No Foreign Aid should be used to fund the disgraced Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF).

We do not support an organisation that profits from killing unborn children and trafficking their body parts.

This money would be better used for real care including clean water, nutritious food, better health care and housing.

Care is not killing.

Care is about providing better support to the mother and her baby in a safe and healthy environment, not killing her unborn child and exposing her to terrible health risks.

[Youth For Life Australia Inc., Youth For Life <[email protected]> Saturday, 25 July 2015]