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  1. EDUCATE YOURSELF!! Learn the facts about abortion, historical, legal, medical, and statistical. Contact resources at the end of this brochure.
  2. Wear your "Precious Feet" lapel pin or Pro-Life button/T-shirt everywhere as an opportunity to speak about the beauty of life.
  3. Place a Pro-Life bumper sticker on your car. Several thousand people may see this message each year!
  4. Keep Pro-Life brochures with pictures in your car, purse, or briefcase.  Gently remind people that preborn babies can feel pain and that they are fully formed and functioning by 12 weeks after conception.
  5. Place Pro-Life brochures / magazines in reception rooms, doctor’s offices, waiting areas, barber shops, bus stations, airports, restrooms, church vestibules, public telephone areas, malls, convention halls, restaurants (with your tips), the collection plate, in your outgoing mail, in free newspapers. Then try bulletin boards in hospitals, laundromats, gas stations, post offices, college dorms, grocery stores, libraries, churches, restaurants, banks, government buildings, coffee shops, anywhere people will find them.
  6. Mail Pro-Life brochures with your utility bill payments, greeting cards, etc.
  7. Use Pro-Life Checks. About 15 people see your checks as they are processed  and these checks carry powerful messages. Contact Heritage House '76;
  8. Discuss abortion with your friends. It helps to begin by discussing the issue  with Pro-Life friends /relatives. As you become more comfortable with the facts  & concepts, it will be easier to discuss them with co-workers, friends, and  relatives who are "on the fence". Avoid heated debates and arguments; anger  has no place in this issue. A truly compassionate heart is what is needed.
  9. Write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines regarding abortion, euthanasia, premarital sex / "safe sex" fallacies, fetal experimentation, stem cell research which destroys human embryos, and so forth. Be very sure that your statistics and facts are very accurate and defendable. It is always better to understate facts than to exaggerate them.
  10. Purchase a CHOOSE LIFE license plate (car tag) for your car. About 17 states now have or will soon have these plates/tags available. A percentage of the specialty fee supports pregnancy centers and adoption agencies in your state. Purchase a CHOOSE LIFE license plate for family/friends as a unique Birthday present. Purchase one for your pastor, or for your boss!
  11. Donate money to your local, state, and national Pro-Life/ Pro-Family organizations for educational publicity, such as billboard leasing, newspaper ads, radio / TV spots,  crisis pregnancy centers, and other pro-life activities because… saving babies costs money!
  12. Organize fund-raising events for Pro-life and pro-abstinence efforts. Bake  sales, car washes, concerts, banquets, coffees, raffles, walkathons, rock-a-thons (rocking chair marathons), sports events, auctions, yard sales, recycling drives, seasonal sales (poinsettias, wreaths, flags, fruit, etc.) all involve people, keep the issue in the public eye, provide support for pro-lifers who may feel alone in their beliefs, and provide another location for pro-life literature distribution and conversations.
  13. Contact  supermarkets, drug stores, or other businesses to determine if they will donate a percentage of their profit during a certain time period (day, week, month) to Pro-Life groups.
  14. Change your long-distance telephone service to Amerivision Lifeline or to similar businesses, which are dedicated to raising money for pro-life/pro-family groups. You can have 10% of your long-distance billing sent each month to the sponsor of this website, for example, by calling Lifeline at 1-800-800-7550, and asking them to donate your gift under NPO# 23239.
  15. If you make donations to United Way, please ask if they offer the "Donor Option". If so, you can earmark your gift to any pro-life, pro-family organization which maintains the IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status. It is important to present a note containing the address of the organization, its IRS status, and its phone number to the UW collector so that they clearly understand you are earmarking your donation. It is also important to let the pro-life organization  know about the donation so that they can locate it if it does not arrive.
  16. Volunteer your professional skills (doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, typists, therapists, artists, graphic designers, even drivers) to crisis pregnancy centers and other Pro-Life organizations.
  17. Join Pro-Life / Pro-Family / Pro-Abstinence organizations in your area and help with their many projects. Depending on the area and the groups, life chains, vigils, &/or literature distributions may occur, as well as less obvious activities, i.e. answering phones, filing, and stuffing envelopes. Contact your area crisis pregnancy center to locate groups and their needs in your area.
  18. Collect maternity & baby clothes/items for mothers who decide to give their babies life after initially planning abortion (go to garage sales for almost new items). Take new and cleaned items to your local crisis pregnancy center.
  19. Host baby showers for abortion-minded moms who choose life for their babies. These showers are very exciting and memorable experiences — for everyone!
  20. Invite a group of friends to your home to see a Pro-Life video.
  21. Schedule a Pro-Life presentation in your school, civic group, place  of worship. Educate and involve your minister. For help in locating a speaker, email us (
  22. Volunteer to make telephone calls to schedule educational presentations at schools, clubs, places of worship. Call your area pro-life groups to see if  you can help them do this.
  23. If you know any college students, please encourage them to start Pro-Life groups on their campuses. High school and college students are the prime targets of the abortion industry. Check national pro-life college campus outreach programs, i.e. Students for Life of America . Also,  & are valuable. For more info, click College students…
  1. Click here to get  Ideas for a pro-life school year.               
  2. Volunteer to help groups that promote sexual abstinence and chastity among our youth. It is well recognized that about 85% of all abortions are performed on unmarried women; approximately 50% of all abortions are performed on teens and college aged women. The abortion industry will  drastically dwindle when young women abstain from sex until marriage.
  3. Volunteer to design Pro-Life posters, banners, or bulletin board displays for churches, schools, libraries, or other public sites. Talk to your minister,  rabbi, principal, teacher, etc.
  4. Volunteer to supply a local library with hard-bound Pro-Life reference  books or magazines, and accurate, factual material for their vertica

    l file (when  students and others need abortion-related materials, libraries often only have pro-abortion — or ambivalent –materials to offer. Contact Life Cycle Books ( or Heritage House '76 ( to purchase books to donate.

  5. Find out if Planned Parenthood speakers are getting in your area schools.  If they are, talk to the principal / health teacher and request equal time;  persistence pays off. Our children are often being taught that sex outside marriage is acceptable and that abortion is a birth control method. Many crisis pregnancy centers provide pro-abstinence speakers for school presentations.
  6. Find out what type of sex education program your local schools provide and  make sure that parents are aware. Ask if the school system has a Policy regarding the type of sex education that is to be taught in the system. If not, work with the Board to establish a Policy for abstinence-until-marriage-only sex education.

  7. Visit your legislators when they are at home and talk firmly but respectfully to them about the fallacies of "safe sex", the dangers of fetal tissue research, the complications of abortion, including the breast cancer link, the relationship of  abortion to euthanasia, and so forth.  We all need to hear the facts.

  8. Inform your doctors about abortion, about advances in the science of  embryology and fetology, and about the presence of crisis pregnancy centers in your community which  will help both the child and the mother. Urge them  to put Pro-Life literature in their waiting rooms.

  9. Invite your doctors to join pro-life medical organizations to stand  with doctors statewide for all defenseless human life. For info, contact Alabama Physicians For Life, Inc. If your doctors are not interested in your information,  you may wish to find new doctors…

  10. Air Pro-Life programs on your local cable TV stations, either by producing your  own, or by contacting Life Dynamics.

  11. Subscribe to the Post-Abortion Review to find the latest research on post-abortion stress syndrome (PASS). Spread the word about the many harmful effects of abortion.

  12. Become a sidewalk counselor and offer desperate mothers one last chance  before they enter the abortion site. This is a legal, peaceful activity.
  13. Become a certified foster family to house teen moms who need a home during their pregnancies. Your family may provide a good example of traditional family values, a solid base upon which these moms can model their own lives.
  14. Provide women considering abortion with all the facts and give them Pro-Life sources that will help them choose the best alternatives for their futures:
    • The Nurturing Network 1-800-TNN-4MOMPregnancy Hotline 1-800-848-LOVEBethany Christian Services 1-800-238-4269American Crisis Pregnancy Helpline 1-888-467-8466 (1-888-4-OPTIONS) and… 1-800-712-HELP
  15. Place a Springtime Tree &/or Harvest Tree in your school, place of  worship, business. On the "leaves", put short pro-life thoughts and one layette  baby item that i

    s needed. People make a donation, get a leaf, and bring back the item.

  16. Make certain that all organizations to which you make donations are  Pro-Family and Pro-Life centered.
  17. Crochet or knit booties and other layette items which can be given to mothers  when they decide to choose life for their babies.
  18. Find out what types of classes are offered to help pregnant mothers care  for themselves and for their children and offer to volunteer. If none is available,  work to develop one.
  19. Implement a system to identify and register Pro-Life workers / voters.  The National Right to Life Voter ID Project would offer support.
  20. Attend local &/or national Pro-Life marches, conferences, and workshops.
  21. Subscribe to Pro-Life newsletters and magazines to keep updated regarding  local and national activities and issues.
  22. Purchase a pro-life license tag, if it is available in your state. The proceeds go to crisis pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and other pro-life agencies.     
  23. Vote for local, state, and national candidates who embrace a pro-life, pro-abstinence philosophy.     
  24. Publicize this website!  Thanks!       
  25. Use your imagination &/or ask how you can help!
  26.  Call your local crisis pregnancy center for direction  (look in your telephone book under  "Abortion Alternatives")…

Remember: You do not have to see the positive results of your efforts. Just persevere in patience, in kindness, and in truth…


Your Rights to Distribute Brochures in Public Schools

"The purpose of this letter is twofold: (1) to inform you of your right to wear the Rock for Life t-shirts in public school and (2) to explain your tight to distribute Rock for Life literature in public school. As discussed more fully below, it is your constitutional right to wear Rock For Life t-shirts as well as pass out its literature. Such forms of expression are generally protected by the First Amendment.

"By way of introduction, the Thomas More Center for Law & Justice is a national, not-for-profit, public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We are dedicated to defending and promoting religious freedom, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life. We provide our services without charge.

"In Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503, 506 (1969), the Supreme Court of the United States clearly stated that public school students do not lose their constitutional rights of freedom of speech or expression once they pass through the schoolhouse gates. The Supreme Court went on to state that:

" 'In our system, state-operated schools may not be enclaves of totalitarianism. School officials do not possess absolute authority over their students. Students in school as well as out of school are 'persons' under our Constitution. They are possessed of fundamental rights which the State must respect, just as they themselves must respect their obligations to the State. In our system, students may not be regarded as closed-circuit recipients of only that which the State chooses to communicate. They may not be confined to the expression of those sentiments that are officially approved. In the absence of a specific showing of constitutionally valid reasons to regulate their speech, students are entitled to freedom of expression of their views.'

"Tinker, 393 U.S. at 511. Moreover, according to the Supreme Court,

" 'A student's rights [of free speech and e

xpression]…do not embrace merely the classroom hours. When he is in the cafeteria, or on the playing field, or on the campus during the authorized hours, he may express his opinions, even on controversial subjects…if he does so without 'materially and substantially interfer(ing) with the requirements of appropriate discipline in the operation of the school' and without colliding with the rights of others. But conduct by the student, in class or out of it, which for any reason — whether it stems from time, place, or type of behavior — materially disrupts classwork or involves substantial disorder of invasion of the rights of others is, of course, not immunized by the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech.'

"Tinker, 393 U.S. at 512-513. Thus, according to the Supreme Court, for a public school to justify its prohibition of your freedom of speech and expression, the public school:

" 'Must be able to show that its action was caused by something more than a mere desire to avoid the discomfort and unpleasantness that always accompany an unpopular viewpoint. Certainly where there is no finding and no showing that engaging in the forbidden conduct would ‘materially and substantially interfere with the requirements of appropriate discipline in the operation of the school, ‘ the prohibition cannot be sustained.'

"Tinker, 393 U.S. at 509. Accordingly, mere speculation by school authorities that there may be substantial disruption or interference is not enough. They must have facts to substantiate their concern.

"In summary, then you may wear the Rock For Life t-shirts and pass out the Rock For Life literature while in public school so long as you do not materially and substantially interfere with the general operation of the school or with the rights of others. With regard to the distribution of the literature, in order to avoid a claim of material and substantial interference, you should not pass it out during classroom instruction time. Rather, you should distribute the literature during non-instructional time in accordance with the school’s reasonable rules regarding student distribution of literature.

"Of course, this letter is not intended to provide you with legal advice concerning a specific case. You should contact a lawyer if you are involved in a specific dispute over the wearing of a Rock For Life t-shirt or over the distribution of Rock For Life literature in public school. If you are unable to obtain an attorney, you may contact us at the phone number below."


[from Thomas More Center for Law & Justice, 28Sept 2001]