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What do you have to do today that is MORE IMPORTANT than Saving a Baby's LIFE?


National / International Organizations to Promote Human Life  (Human Life International) (American College of Pediatricians)  (American Life League) (Ireland)








40 DFL Weekly Radio Show




Birmingham United for Life Rally & March — 15 January 2011


National Pro Life T-shirt Week


Wash for Life (host car washes to support pregnancy centers) just held on 18 Sept 2010

Pro-Life Memorial Day – October  – Wear a pro-life T-shirt all day long!
Need a shirt? or call 866.LET.LIVE

The Survivors

Silent Day of Solidarity



Real Estate for Life — Buying or Selling a House? or call 1-877-LIFE-US1
How does Real Estate For Life work?

It's really very simple; you – or a friend or family member – are looking to buy or sell a house anywhere in the United States or Canada.

First, you call Real Estate For Life at 1-877-LIFE-US1 and we set you up with an expert agent with a proven track-record from a company such as Remax or Century21. This agent is happy to get new business and so, when the sale is completed, gives a portion of his/her fee to Real Estate For Life as a referral fee. Real Estate For Life gives 80% of that fee to one of the pro-life organizations we work with.

This costs you absolutely nothing.

What Real Estate For Life does is direct an existing fee towards a pro-life organization of your choice. There is no additional cost, but the benefit to the pro-life group is great!

You will be put in contact with a good realtor.

While APFLI is not yet one of the pro-life organizations that can benefit from this, we are letting you know so that other groups could benefit!

We are, however, in the process of being added to the list of pro-life recipients; so, if you are planning to sell or buy a house (or commercial property) in the USA or in any English-speaking nation, call Real Estate For Life first, and help raise considerable funds for APFLI or other pro-life organizations without personally paying a penny!


Abstinence STOPS abortion; pre-marital chastity provides the best chance for life-long marriage and strong, secure families 


Pro-Life Curriculum for Schools



Teen Abortion Risks Fact Sheet


Komen, Planned Parenthood, & the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

It is important to educate people about this Komen – PP Connection…
People's hearts are in the right place; they just need to be given the facts… (authentic research organizations truly seeking a cure without blocking the abortion-breast cancer link…)

Help spread the admission from the National Cancer Institute branch chief Louise Brinton that abortion raises the breast cancer risk…

Ella Causes Abortion —

AAPLOG Report to FDA on UlipristalellaOne – Being Approved as an Emergency Contraceptive (ella is related to RU 486; should be classed as an Abortifacient) — this will allow all health clinics that dispense "birth control" to dispense ellaOne because the FDA will allow it to be incorrectly/deceptively classed as a contraceptive, not an abortifacient




Life & Conscience Issues in the Health Bills: A Comparison


Achieving Pregnancy / Birth / Breastfeeding / Support  (Couple to Couple League)

Network & share experiences in raising a large family 

Life or Death…No OTHER Choice