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* Mother’s Day Rose/Carnation Sale

* Mother's Day ad in local newspaper, or even in your own church bulletin. Collect names of mothers after church services, at civic groups, etc., for $5 per name; list all these mothers' names in an ad with a beautiful photo of a mother and baby at the top with the words, "Thanks, Mom, for my life!". This is a wonderful community project.

*Signature Ads

*Baby Bottle Boomerang Drives (buy hundreds of baby bottles and ask families in churches to take them home for a month & fill them with spare change … check for baby bottle sales)    

*sponsor a Spring to Life concert    

*plan a contest between local church choirs or bands    

*host a BBQ or a picnic    

*host a softball / volleyball / ping-pong tournament, perhaps with the picnic

*hold a walk for life (registration fee raises funds for pregnancy center or other pro-life group)

*hold a rock-a-thon (everyone collects donations for hours they will sit in a rocking chair… set this up in a gym or other large facility for an all-night event… everyone must supply their own rocker!)

*invite a local fast food restaurants to donate a portion of the cost of meals during a certain time period for your fund-raiser (the store may request that patrons specify that the donation be made; you could provide people with a coupon/flyer to help remind them)   

*hold a car wash for life — visit   

*publicize and organize locally for the National Pro Life T-shirt Week —

*hold a Wash for Life (host car washes to support pregnancy centers year-round)

*Pro-Life Memorial Day – October  – Wear a pro-life T-shirt all day long!
(Need a shirt? or call 866.LET.LIVE)

*Silent Day of Solidarity

*Organize a Life Chain anytime during the year! Nationally, Life Chains are held in October: /

*40 Days For Life —

[some ideas from Nat Rt to Life news, 3/03]


Here are a few more ideas…

Cap Day (donation to wear cap at school)
Bake sale
Rock-a-thon (collect donations per hour to rock in a rocking chair)
Fast Food Restaurant – will make a donation on a particular day for all food sold, or if mention name of group
Soccer kick / Basketball Shoot
Gum Ball Guess
Raffle (sport ball / painting / afghan or quilt / shirt /  gift cert )