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Q. I am looking for pro-life doctors in my area. Can you help me find them?

A. One of the easiest ways may be to contact Pregnancy Resource Centers in your area. You should be able to find them listed under “Abortion Alternatives” in your phone book, or visit online for centers in your area. Call and tell them why you are looking for the physicians, and probably they will offer some suggestions.


Q. I am looking for a prolife doctor who knows NFP – both a family doctor and an ob/gyn.

A. You may want to try the following websites/contacts for more information: for OBGs; you will have to contact them regarding their views on NFP.

You might also contact pregnancy centers in your area, and ask the directors of these centers if they have any suggestions.
Other possibilities are,,  and


Q. I love your website. I am a Masters public health student in a very liberal field. I plan to complete a thesis on abstinence only programs. As an ex- teacher I truly believe that they work. I know that my students don't need another contraceptive. Having said that I would appreciate any information you could give me on successful abstinence only programs.  Because of your useful data I have thoroughly been able to defend my position intelligently in class- even though it is VERY difficult.

A. Thank you for your kind message. We are very grateful to be of service!
I am sure that you can find pro-life/pro-abstinence physicians somewhere nearby. A quick way would be to check for pregnancy centers in your area, then call and talk to the directors, telling them what you are doing, and most will try to offer you suggestions of physicians in your area who would be supportive.

Regarding successful abstinence programs, I would recommend that you contact the following great sources: — the Abstinence Clearinghouse — Project Reality

I commend you for writing about abstinence programs! These above three groups are among the longest running and most knowledgeable as far as the studies being conducted around the nation.

There are actually many great programs out there now, many of which are receiving bad press and very negative reviews by SIECUS, PP, Advocates for Youth, and other anti-abstinence groups (because they work!! — these anti-abstinence folks cannot make $$ when people are behaving in an abstinent/chaste way…).
You might also want to remind your classmates that risk elimination is drastically different than risk reduction.
Chesterton said "the problem with common sense is that it's no longer common".

You may feel like "a voice crying in the wilderness", but persevere — you are also the beacon drawing the boats to safe harbor.

They will eventually come to the realization that…well…you are right!!


Q. A concerned group of parents and citizens are appealing to the Board of Education for abstinence until marriage curriculum in our schools.  We are up against parents who work for and support the agenda of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.  We are in need of an organization or at least physicians that will stand with us and be an umbrella for us. Is there anyone around that you can point us towards?

A. Please contact, the Abstinence Clearinghouse, for contacts in most states. And try in Chattanooga, TN — a great resource as well.  The Human Development Resource Council, is located in metro Atlanta and this is another great resource.

Q. My father is an 82 year old Alzheimer patient living in a residential care facility near me.  He is still able to walk, talk, sing, laugh, enjoy eating all his meals and interact with people in the home.  My stepmother who lives in a different state decided recently to remove my father's Alzheimer's meds and his antibiotics for chronic urinary infections.  She wrote a letter to my father's physicians stating that she wanted my father off antibiotics and all medical treatment except thyroid meds and Seroquel (for agitation) and pain medications after 1 October.  The physician has followed her orders.  

My 5 siblings and I do not agree that this is morally acceptable.
My father should be able to live with normal means that medicine can offer for preserving life (like antibiotics, dementia medication, high blood pressure meds, etc.)  We do not want to use extraordinary means to keep him alive.  We live in the state of California.  My stepmother has a Power of Attorney for Health Care that my father signed more than 5 years after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  Is there anything we can do to protect my father's life so that he can receive normal medical care?  My father is beginning to quickly decline.  Thank you for any help you can give.   I have a legal investigator who is working on the case, but nothing concrete has happened to help my father.

A. You may wish to contact the Patients Rights Coalition (formerly the International Task Force) which may be able to offer you some advice.   ( ) or at 740-282-3810.