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The American College of Pediatricians is a national organization of pediatricians. The College is committed to fulfilling its mission by producing sound policy, based upon the best available research, to assist parents and to influence society in the endeavor of child rearing. The College focus is on protecting the child, preserving the family, and honoring life.

Den Trumbull, President of The American College of Pediatricians has opened up an opportunity for all med students to be a free member for the duration of medical school.

To have a fully active membership, please visit their page on the College website to complete an online application —
This is an excellent opportunity to receive reliable information on healthcare, policy, and internship opportunities!







Wanted: Pro-Life Medical Students, Doctors, Nurses
As the new National Director for Medical Students for Life of America, I have as my first priority the goal of establishing a chapter of MSFLA in every medical school in the United States.

Our outgoing coordinator, Dominique Monlezun has gotten us off to a great start by helping to start fifteen chapters last year. With your help, we can double or even triple that number over the next twelve months. Here’s where you come in — Medical Students for Life




As most of you know, "Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations established Medical Students for Choice, with an annual budget of over $1 million and 8 full-time staff.  Clearly, Planned Parenthood is guarding their cash cow — 'reproductive services' — which earned them $200 million in 1998."


One of the goals of this website is to establish a nationwide network of Medical Students for LIFE groups on every medical campus. We will provide as many resources and referrals to students as possible.

Contact every medical student you know to make them aware that they can have a measurable impact on whether or not their future colleagues will perform abortions.

Put them in touch with, and with Students for Life of America, so that they can start a Medical Students for Life group on their campus.  [Life Issues Connector] 



American Association of Pro-Life OBGs…


For OB-GYN Residents 

For Medical and PreMedical Students




Medical Student Program for Elective Rotations…


Attention M 4's interested in ObGyn: in prepping for the upcoming match, you will find a valuable resource at, click on "attention medical students," or just go to
[Nov 6, 2010, Jdc/aaplog]




As you know, we are in a critically important battle over rights of
conscience. And this battle comes in the midst of trying to make a
living and do good patient care, teach and all the other things we are
called on to do.

But, one of the simplest, and ultimately the most important things
that we can do is to speak about our prolife views to the next
generation of medical students, who are looking for someone to look up
to who holds pro-life views.

Every one of us now has a wonderful opportunity, in partnership with
Medical Students for Life. Medical Students for Life is an
organization specifically for medical students patterned after
"Students for Life". Med Student for Life is looking for physicians,
nurses, pharmacists or other health professionals to be willing to
open their homes a few times each year to host a meeting for pro-life
medical students.

Med Students for Life will supply the speaker (by DVD), and the
organizational agenda for the meeting. You supply the place, food
and the presence of yourself, a human being who knows what it is like
to take a stand, even quietly, against the flood of popular opinion,
and say, I will not bring death to my patients.

Physicians, if you are willing to be that 4 times a year human mentor in the lives
of a few medical students, please contact, and/or Medical Students for Life.

[9 Dec 2011, Dr. Donna Harrison, AAPLOG Director of Research and Public Policy, and Medical Students for Life e-letter]

To start a Pro-Life organization on your campus…

Medical Students For Life –

Students For Life ( has been created to promote the scientific, medical, moral, theological and practical implications of the sanctity of human life from conception through natural death.

This will be accomplished through our centralized national organization for dissemination of information, clinical rotations and externships, establishment of local MS4L chapters, physician involvement in pregnancy resource medical clinics, and perinatal hospice organizations as well as through ethical dialogue and debate.

For more information, contact:

Students For Life  


Medical Students For Life 










Residency Program Review 



To locate other pro-life medical organizations, go to "Links" in this website.


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