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These may be related to the Power Point presentations also found in this section.


Abstinence Makes

the Heart Grow Fonder

We all know that, when trying to describe something, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Teachers are always looking for better ways to visually "get through to" their students; abstinence instructors are no exception! Good abstinence instructors are highly motivated and creative, always willing to spend time, (some money!) and brain-power to develop new and exciting and memorable visual aids to impact the attitudes and behavior of their students.

The visual demos described here are not new; but they are a beginning.

All demos can and should be adapted to the audience (age, gender, overall maturity level, etc.). If students are separated by gender (preferred at least through 8th grade), demos dealing with money, for example, tend to be more impressive to boys than to girls (success for boys is directly related to money).

Be sensitive to the maturity level of the students, and always stress their uniqueness and value. Be positive and upbeat, and let them know that you really care about each of them, now and for the rest of their life!!