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Are You Ready For The Responsibility?

Students will be able to:

  • differentiate between selfish and selfless behaviors
  • differentiate between respectful and disrespectful behaviors
  • differentiate between true monogamy (one life-long sexual partner) and "serial monogamy" (one sexual partner at a time)
  • identify the 5 elements of a successful marriage (communication, commitment, self-control, compatibility, trust) and…
  • describe through various examples how they can acquire the 5 elements needed for a successful marriage (PRIORITY H)
  • describe why it is important to develop sexual self-control (sex respect) right now in their lifetimes (bad habits are harder to break the longer they exist) (PRIORITY H)
  • recall reasons/benefits to establish a lifelong monogamous relationship (marriage) (PRIORITY D)
  • list several topics that should be discussed while dating, before marriage (ex. where to live, how to entertain, child-rearing techniques, who will pay the bills, finances, insurance, will wife work, religion, etc.)
  • identify important characteristics they feel are necessary in their future spouse
  • identify the positive benefits brought to a marriage relationship through abstinence
  • list some qualities needed to be good parents
  • list some responsibilities/difficulties of being a parent ("take care of an uncooked egg" during this class period- – instructor's discretion)