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Factors Within Society Which Influence Our Decisions And Behavior

Students will be able to:

  • recognize the effect of peer pressure on their decisions
  • explain various methods of dealing with negative peer pressure
  • recognize the effect of media (TV, movies, music, radio, magazines, ads, Internet) on their decisions
  • describe h

    ow alcohol, drugs and sexual stimulation interfere with making rational decisions (PRIORITY G)

  • understand all these pressures, both within themselves and in society, and learn to resist them through predetermined standards of behavior, sexual self-control (all the good character traits), and good decision-making which involves your parents/guardians.
  • given a hypothetical situation, can explain all the reasons for making a choice for abstinence (PRIORITY B)

Pressure to the right of me, pressure to the left of me, pressure above and below me – I’m shrinking!!!…

Peer Pressure

Negative Peer Pressure

  • often it's all talk..
  • know how to say "no"
  • dealing with it

Positive Peer Pressure

  • Getting a support group started
  • Why it helps to have positive support

Media Pressure

  • Movies
  • Music
  • TV/ads
  • internet

Dealing with the pressure

  • Self-control plan ahead/avoidance
  • Good decision-making
  • Parental input and support

I Can Handle Drugs & Alcohol — But Only If I Don't Use Them!

  • Substance abuse breaks down natural defenses
  • Substance abuse breaks down mental defenses

Discussion Questions

This is your first date with a really cute guy/gal and you go to a party at the house of some of his/her friends. The parents aren't home and soon alcohol and pot are being passed around. Your date begins pushing you to try some and mentions there is a "private" room where you both could go to "get to know" each other.

What should you do now?

How could you have planned better to avoid this situation altogether?

Explain 3 reasons why you would choose abstinence.

Be an ‘A Generation’ teen!!!

‘A’ stands for Abstinence