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Hang Up "The Lines" To Keep Cool

Students will be able to:

  • describe in their own words, good qualities/traits they possess
  • recognize "lines" used to pressure them into premarital sexual activity and…
  • identify 3 refusal strategies
  • role-play various pressure situations
  • feel comfortable and capable of saying "no"
  • list behaviors which increase vulnerability to sexual advances (alcohol, drugs, sexual stimulation)   (PRIORITY G)
  • recognize the way they act, talk, and dress can also help them "say no"
  • understand that saying "no" involves numerous little decisions all along the way – – sexual activity is progressive
  • identify the danger point in the progression of sexual feelings (PRIORITY B)
  • understand the importance of setting limits and sticking to these limits all the time (self-control/courage/fortitude)

You Are Unique!

  • List your strong points and good qualities
  • Understand your importance and value as a whole person

"Lines " are for Telephone Poles, Not For You!

  • Recognize "lines" used to pressure teens
  • Identify 3 refusal strategies
  • Role-play various pressure situations
  • Feel comfortable and capable to say "no"

Recognize that the way you act, talk, and dress

can also help you "say no"


They're All Related


Understand that drugs, alcohol, and sexual stimulation (movies, music, etc.) increase vulnerability to sexual activity. (Lots of teens and young adults all thought they could control the situation while using alcohol, drugs, and other stimulants. The vast majority found out the hard way that they weren't as strong as they thought they were…)

Sexual Activity is Progressive!

Identify the danger points in the progression of sexual feelings

Understand the importance of setting limits and sticking to all these limits all the time.

Understand that NOT making these decisions right now, and by allowing whatever happens to "just happen", is in itself a decision

"Regret is the punishment for those who never made real choices"


Discussion Questions

What is the relationship between self-confidence and the ability to resist peer pressure? (if you feel good about yourself, you are more forceful about standing up for what you believe; you can take the heat; you are less likely to do something just to be liked by others; what you think about your actions becomes more important than what others think about them)

Would a person who really cares about his/her date pressure that date to have sex?

Why/why not?

Why should a person, especially a girl, wear clothes that advertise her as a person, not as a sex object?

List some of the positive and negative things that might happen when you say "no" to your date.




It is very important to understand that you do not HAVE to kiss, any more than you HAVE to date.

Your presence on a date, and your kiss, are your choice; you never need to feel forced into either!

Kissing is magnificent

IF it's done with the right person and

IF it's kept to a simple lips-to-lips kiss!

If you find yourself in a situation where your date is putting pressure on you to kiss (or more), try these lines:

  • –"my lips are really sunburned"
  • –"I feel sick all of a sudden"
  • –"I just had by braces tightened"
  • –"did you notice this little blister on my lips?"
  • — "I'm a Puritan and I'm not allowed to kiss on the first date"
  • –"I think I might have mononucleosis"
  • –"I feel like I might be getting a stomach virus"
  • –"my parents might be watching"

Here are some things you can DO to avoid being kissed:

  • –clear your throat (repeatedly if needed)
  • — announce you are about to sneeze
  • –put on a plastic nose and glasses
  • –try to develop some funny (humorous) lines to break t

    he heat and "cool things down"

When saying goodnight at the doorstep:

  • –tell a long story that wears down your date so she/he WANTS to leave
  • –try to draw your date's attention to a tree, the sky, something else; then quickly say goodnight, go in the house and close the door
  • –accidentally lean against the door bell, causing your parents or roommates to answer the door
  • –wear his jacket so he will get cold waiting at the door
  • –let your dog out and give it a big slobbery kiss!

Some of these are really silly, but hopefully, you get the idea!!

Now you can come up with ideas of your very own.


Take time to set your goals, your standards and principles, to develop your refusal skills, and to plan your future…