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Advantages Of Non-Marital Abstinence

Students will be able to:

  • identify the social, psychological. and/or health benefits to be realized from abstaining from sexual activity outside of marriage. (PRIORITY A)
  • identify some "freedoms from" and the "freedoms to" of premarital abstinence (PRIORITY B)
  • recognize that unhealthy habits and behaviors can be eliminated and new decisions can be made; Renewed Virginity (or Secondary Virginity) may be difficult but it is the healthy decision
  • define sexual self-control and describe it in different hypothetical risky situations
  • recall ways to avoid getting into risky situations

"Weigh the Facts about Teen Sex"

"Nobody Told Me About All the Dangers"

  • Dangerous Places
  • Dangerous Attitudes
  • Dangerous Behaviors
  • Dangerous Consequences

Abstinence — Safe, Possible, Healthy!

  • Sexual Self-Control = Chastity
  • Benefits of Abstinence
    • Social
    • Emotional/ Psychological Health
    • Better Places – avoid risky situations
    • Better Attitudes – changing habits
    • Better Behaviors – Renewed Virginity
    • Healthy Consequences

"Ride the Abstinence Wave. It’s a Lifesaver!"

Give It A Mental Try

  • Getting Out Of Some Dangerous Situations – Think It Through

"Don’t Take the Bait…Just Wait!!"